Lime In The Coconut Tart

lime in the coconut tart vegan recipes

Get transported to the Caribbean Islands with this creamy, silky, lime and coconut tart with macadamia nuts right in the crust! The perfect summer cold-pie, this tart comes together in under 30 minutes (plus chill time) with limited use of the oven. A food processor makes very quick work of the lime custard, keeping the […]

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Caramelized Peppers & Pasta

easy vegan pasta recipe by v.curiosity

Bell peppers are at their best in the summer, full of flavor and sweetness. This easy caramelized peppers and pasta recipe lets the veggies steal the show with color and rich, deep flavors develop while slowly caramelizing. Just add a fresh green salad and a nice bottle of white and take dinner outside, it nearly […]

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Vinyeard Chopped Salad

vineyard chopped salad

There is nothing like a late summer afternoon spent at the vineyard. The best wine tastings often offer some kind of tapas menu, perfectly paired morsels to savor over wine flights and vine gazing. This salad was inspired by a tapas plate once enjoyed on an afternoon just like this, for homebound days that drum […]

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Lemon Potato Kale Hash

lemon potato kale hash recipe by v.curiosity

Sometimes you want a proper brunch dish, but don’t necessarily want the heavy feeling of the usual fare laden with richness. This lemon potato kale hash is hearty without being heavy, and pairs well with brunch-times favorite drink, mimosas! This recipe was featured in the Summer 2015 issue of v.curiosty.    Print Recipe Lemon Potato […]

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A Night in Santa Monica

nachos brody style santa monica dining

Santa Monica is more than just the pier. Try our Night in Santa Monica itinerary for your upcoming travel. Get a swanky cocktail, taste how a celebrity chef does nachos and go on a haunted history tour. v.curiosity – Inspired Everyday Living. Recipes, DIY, Entertaining, Cocktails, Travel.

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7 Variations of Cashew Cream

7 variations of savory cashew cream

Cashew cream. This little legume masquerading as a nut has made dairy-free cooking a thing of the past. Creamy pasta’s miss nothing, nacho dips are still the hit of the party, and silky dressings gets everyone to eat their vegetables. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve managed to narrow down the variations of cashew cream […]

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7 Ways to Make the Most of Pomegranate Season

what to do with pomegranates

These juicy edible jewels are only available for a very short season, but with a little creativity and know-how you can fall in love with them long after winter.1) Take the easy way out. To get the tight seeds out, slice off the top and bottom of the pomegranate, then lengthwise make four shallow cuts […]

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7 Herbs You Can Grow In Your Kitchen (and will actually use)

7 herbs you can grow in your kitchen

Having a well-rounded stock of dried herbs in the cupboard is the home-cooks requirement, but nothing beats the vibrancy of fresh herbs. All too often recipes call for just half a cup of cilantro or parsley, and the remaining bunch is left to languish sadly in the refrigerator for a few more days before the […]

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