7 Herbs You Can Grow In Your Kitchen (and will actually use)

7 herbs you can grow in your kitchen

7 herbs you can grow in your kitchen

Having a well-rounded stock of dried herbs in the cupboard is the home-cooks requirement, but nothing beats the vibrancy of fresh herbs. All too often recipes call for just half a cup of cilantro or parsley, and the remaining bunch is left to languish sadly in the refrigerator for a few more days before the sight become so sad they must simply be tossed out. Thankfully, herbs are super easy to grow in kitchen windows, fresh and ready for your next dish without the waste or trip to the store. Here are the best seven herbs you can grow in your kitchen that you will actually use.

1) Rosemary will add rustic depth to Sunday stews. Add as whole stems and remove before serving. Sturdier branches can also serve as skewers for kebabs, just remove thin needle leaves first.

2) Cilantro brightens up Tuesday taco night, tear giant handfuls off and chop with raw onions and lime juice.

3) Dill pairs well with cucumbers and gives rice sass. Make tzaziki with vegan sour cream, just add garlic and lemon juice in as well. Stir and whoop OPA!

4) Sage turns gnocchi rich when fried in vegan butter and tossed together.

5) Parsley adds a peppery fresh bite as a universal garnish. Add to soups especially, towards the end, to bring flavors back to life after a long simmer.

6)Basil is a must for almost every Italian dish, add toward the end of cooking for maximum taste. Whole leaves can be tossed into a simple salad of romaine, tomatoes, garlic, oil, and vinegar for a perfect side to heavy pasta dishes.

7)Mint cuts through heavy roasted dishes and overly-sweet desserts. A little goes a long way, and this particular plant grows very fast.

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