Spring 2016 Issue of v.curiosity is Released!

v.curiosity Spring 2016 | Inspired Vegan Living. Recipes, Entertaining, DIY, Cocktails, Travel Magazine

The new Spring 2016 Issue of v.curiosity has been released!  And kindly excuse us while we revel in it for a moment, because it is GORGEOUS.

After nearly 10 months off while we regrouped and restrategized the publication, we got back into the swing of things with our spring issue, and it was worth the wait, we promise. Because spring is all about new beginnings, revamping and coming out with a new spread couldn’t have come at a better time. At least, we think so, as we clink glasses filled with Hard Thai Basil Ginger Lemonade.

v.curiosity Spring 2016 | Inspired Vegan Living. Recipes, Entertaining, DIY, Cocktails, Travel Magazine

Nothing feels more festive this time of year than being outside with the intense smell of new blooms and fresh grass. Our feature, Throw A Garden Party, is chock full of great finger foods (like our Sweet Sesame Tofu Skewers) and delightful touches like seed paper invitations by Botanical Paperworks (hello, eco-chic!). v.curiosity contributor Maximina of The Heavenly Vegan created two perfectly wonderful raw vegan recipes that come together in a snap and are perfectly cold for warm spring afternoons. The whole feature was captured by J. Anne Photography, and it’s pretty enough to make even the quietest cook want to have a celebratory shindig outside.

v.curiosity Spring 2016 | Botanical Paperworks Seed Paper Invitations

Our Fresh Start smoothie this month was contributed by Windy City Vegan, and it a bright and cheery blend of clementines and carrots. Look for it at the beginning, Here Comes The Sun Smoothie. And, what with the abundance of fresh produce at its peak, our seasonal recipes will make good use of both your garden and the farmers market with easy, flavorful recipes. McKenzi Taylor was behind the scenes capturing all the colorful dishes in their glory, just try not to eat the actual magazine, ok?

v.curiosity Spring 2016 | Fresh Start Here Comes The Sun Smoothie

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Now it’s time for you to tell us… What do YOU want to see in upcoming issues? Let us know in the comments below, and help us build a magazine that inspires your everyday living!

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